A Tale of Two Hurricanes

Just as three centuries ago, Catesby’s plant collecting was totally disrupted by “the greatest Hurricane known since the Country was settled,” Hurricane Irma totally disrupted our fundraising program. Which is why we are asking for your urgent support to help sustain our programs. The most important of these is “Creating a Better Way to Learn,” which addresses effectively one of the most critical needs in this country — upgrading the quality of education.

With this in mind, we invite you to make a tax-deductible donation of any amount via the Donate button above. We are deeply appreciative of whatever support you can provide. As an incentive, contribute $100 or more and receive a set of 5 beautiful Catesby print note cards. OR buy 6 or more copies of Mark Catesby’s Natural History: An Introduction at 40 percent off ($90 rather than $150).

Thank you for your support — it’s essential to keeping us going!


Our Vision

We inspire respect for early naturalist explorers and ensure
conservation of their work, as well the plants animals and
habitats they studied, through education and research.


Help us pursue and realize our vision.